Does our psychology  impact our perceptions about COVID-19?
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Does our psychology impact our perceptions about COVID-19?

Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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We all have a real mixture of psychological traits, but we also share similarities with other people. This research was conducted to find how people with specific psychology characteristics react to COVID-19. Who are they, what are they like and - what are they afraid of the most?

2020 has been marked by Coronavirus, that has impacted our lives in many different ways.

This research highlights something important about how we relate to Coronavirus: we are all worried about something, but we also have different perspectives.

511 people can be summarized with 3 groups that describe this population in the best way.

One group in particular, Relaxed Players, is the least worried about spreading the virus - this can be a good indication for future interventions.

However, this is also an invitation for everyone to reflect on their own traits and needs during these trying times.

The effects of mindfulness are very apparent - calm people such as Empaths care more about others and are dealing with the situation by finding their own peace.

On another hand, the Realists are worried about pretty much every aspect of the virus, but their worry can very easily slip into anxiety, which not productive not useful.

Which group do you relate the most?


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